Laura's Cakes

Welcome!  Thank you for your interest with my work!  If this is your first time ordering, below are answers to Frequently Asked Questions!
How long is my cake good for until I serve for my event?  
Keeping your cake in refrigeration wrapped in plastic is preferred if you are picking up day before!  All my cakes are great to eat 24-48 hours after pick up!  Bring the cake to room temperature before cutting into it and keep away from direct sunlight for best flavor!
How far in advance should I book my cake with you?  As soon as possible!  All my cakes are made to order! .With that being said I take orders on first come, first serve basis.
I've left my cake order to the last minute, is there anyway you can squeeze my order in?  Give me a call and I'll try my best to accommodate your request.
What's the best way to transport my cake once I pick it up from you?  Place it on the floor board of your vehicle with the AC on high.  The floor board is the most flattest part of the car and try to avoid placing on the seat as you don't want it to slope or slide.  Keep your cake refrigerated and bring to room temperature once you are ready to serve.
Do you provide deliveries to homes and venues?  Yes I can deliver upon proper scheduling and through organized communication with your venue coordinator and such.  Deliveries to San Antonio suburb areas have a flat fee of $50, unless specified otherwise through me. Email me at to find out more information on this.  
How do I place my order with you?  Call (210) 569-9182 or email your description to and please leave a contact phone number .